For the past 24 nights I fell asleep praising God through the book of Luke. Through my YouVersion Bible app I have been listening to an explanation of each chapter and then listening to the chapter itself. Over the past 24 nights I have learned more about Jesus than I had known in all my years of being Christian. I still have a lot to go, but I feel even closer to my Father and my Friend than I ever have.

I think what I liked the most about this reading plan was 1. it wasn’t actually a reading plan, I couldĀ listen to it. And 2. it taught the whole text. Each chapter in its entirety. I understand now what people mean by the Bible is not a fortune cookie. It is love letters, for our Father to us. I still like other reading plans that use a few verses from the Bible to make a point, because that’s valid, but personally, I like to go back and read the context of each verse, so I know exactly what God is trying to tell me.

For my next plan, I think I am going to do it a little differently. For this past study I just laid in bed, listening to the chapter, and then fell right to sleep. I think I’ll do this next devotional each morning. To wake up praising and learning about God, so hopefully He will show through my actions throughout the day. Also, I want to be awake enough to journal/reflect on what I just learned about my creator. I think that will help me get a lot more out of the Bible and that will help me grow closer to God.

Things I learned from Luke:

Life is a walk. But we walk with the living God. He is always with us, although we may not recognize Him.

Do not judge others. Do not judge their sins against yours. “The sinless man can throw the first stone.”

When you pray, pray through repentance and praise of God. Pray for help and for mercy. Do not pray thanking God that you are not as bad as the other sinner, because then you will be.

When you are tempted, pull out your index cards.

I learned a lot more than this, that’s why next time I am going to write about what I’ve learned every day.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.” Luke 19:10